Thursday, December 18, 2008

Silent Mode

Hello people..

I'm sorry because there is not much update for this week, as ur truly is soo busy with her assignment and mid-term exam. Oh ya! tomorrow is my mid term exam..wish me luck ok. I would like to inform also that I will be on leave next week until jan 2 next year..its a force leave..and my name is the lucky one to sit in the list for the force leave..poor me..what to do..but its ok, i will full fill my holiday with study, watch movie, exercise and etc. I don't own a laptop at home so it will be difficult for me to keep updating my blog..but i will try my best to update it okay. Talk later k..tata


Muhammad Hermi said...

nnt cuti 2 wat sume benda yg syg ptt wat tau.. nwy gud luck 4 ur mid term xm, best of luck, do ur best tau syg.. sy sentiasa doakan kejayaan syg, amin.. luv ya..

aafiah said...

hulamakkk...ayt support tu..leh cair oo...hahaha

Muhammad Hermi said...

mestila kene sapot.. gogo budak kenet.. chaiyok2.. ganbatte..