Monday, November 10, 2008

Rat Ethnic Cleansing!

Ok last few months my house was attacked by a few rat, mouse, Kak Ti (kak tikus) and whatsoever other name. Guess what they have even build their 'happy family' in our store room. sigh!. Everynite me and my sister have to stay in fears cause I tell you this rat has no fears towards us at all! huh..

Cut it short..every two weeks there will be a cleaner come to our house to clean up our house as 2 anak dara which me and my sister has no much time to clean up our house or in other words..hmm..I think u know the right word..hahahha..

Ok ok back to the i've asked the cleaner to clean up the store room first as there are soooooo many rat shit and they also had pee hapily everywhere in our house! stupid rat! so when the cleaner take out all the 'khazanah' inside the store..then I can hear the 'chip..chip..chip...'OMG..I can see two little tiny mouse inside our family album box!..yewww! when the mouse wanted nak bukak langkah seribu nak lari la konon....(dun know how to convert it in english..heheheh) the cleaner angkat ekor die and masukkan dlm plastik! at that time I was! this bibik is soooooo fantastic..berani gilerrr..yg aku duk atas meja menjerit mcm pompuan dlm labour room!! seriously..

anak sulong

anak kedua

but but but..where is their parents? hmmm..according to my anatomy or thoughts or whatsoever..their parents will just came at feed their beloved son or daughter i dun know..then we throw the two little tiny mouse dlm tong sampah depan kedai ular sawa. rasenyee dah mati after that my dad dah tutup sume celah2 yg boleh dimasuki oleh tikus2..but until today believe or not I can still hear this sounds "chit chit chit" but dari luar rumah la..I think their parents dtg balik kot..tapi x dapat masuk soo cuak la kan musti dlm hati tikus tu kata "ya allah mcm ne la anak2 aku, baper hari x mkn dah ni...aku nak masuk tak bleh"heheheh..

Berdosakah aku? Hurmm...x kot..kan kan kan...


Ainul Nadiah Shamsir said...

tikus?? aduhai... sy allergic!

Cutie Pie Lulabi said...

a'ah..mmg la..saya pun x tahan laa..

siti's fren said...

xnmpk la tikus tu...susun la dieorg elok2..ikut ketinggian..then bru la amik gmbr. be a good photografer ok. learn from mistake..hahaha..dilee..

Muhammad Hermi said...

i take rat 4 breakfast.. no big deal la syg.. hehe..