Monday, November 10, 2008


Hello Everyone! welcome to my blog.

Actually this is my second blog. Last time I used to have one but it end up with my lazyness tahap gaban to update nye to make it worse saya terlupa password nye..So for this one I will try my best to make sure it will be update everyday ;)

Basically my blog is about who I am, things I go through, my passion and whatever things I feel like I want to write..lagi satu..this blog is not an attemp to expose myself atau nak show-off ape2 its juat a space for me to share and to expand my I loike writing soo much..I have many ideas and thoughts to share, so I hope you guys like it and do support me ya..

jap jap jap..ade lagi satu..u can take this as a reminder laa..I dun mind kene kritik but pls..dun just simply kritik suke least provide me the solution for me to improve..dun just drop an anonymous comment or come accross me..

Till now, happy reading everyone ; )


Anonymous said...

my bestest fren dah ade blog sndri la. huhhh...cayala. good job dear.

Cutie Pie Lulabi said...

tq my dear..uit sape ye ni..

Muhammad Hermi said...

hoh!!! syg pon nak berblog gak.. hahaha.. chaiyok2!!

Ainul Nadiah Shamsir said...

ni mesti pengaruh rakan sebaya ni.. hak hak hak!!

Nanti saya link kamu k..

Muhammad Hermi said...

hoh? sp syg ckp? huhu.. smpi ati awk.. T_T